Install SQL Server 2014 Step by Step

I was just recently assigned to a project where we need to migrate large database servers from SQL server 2008 R2 – 32 bit to SQL server 2014 – 64 bit

First thing we need to do is install SQL server 2014 on the new servers. Here is a step by step installation guide.

Open SQL Server Installation Center


Click on the installation option


Select New SQL Server stand-alone

SQL Server License Key

Enter the product key, click on Next

License Terms

Click on I accept the license terms check box, then click next

Microsoft Update

Select the option “Use Microsoft Update to check for Update (recommended) “, then click next

Installation Validation

MS SQL server will check all the installation requirements to verify that your server is properly configured to run SQL server, you won’t be able to continue until all rules are marked as passed. If you get a warning like the one listed above, click on the link for more information. It is recommended to resolve all warnings before clicking the next button.

Select the option “Select Server Feature Installation “, then click next

SQL Server Options

Select the options that you need . Click Next

Instance Configuration

Select Named Instance option and enter the server name on the named instance and the instance id  . Click Next

Server Configuration

Leave all default values. Click Next

Database Engine Configuration

Here you can select the authentication mode for the SQL server. If you select Mixed mode, you can enter the sa account password  – Don’t forget to write it down!

Directory Files

You can leave the default paths or select different drives per file types. You need to make sure you have enough space to hold your databases. Click Next

Final installation configuration

If all rules pass, then click Next, otherwise click on the status link for more information

Ready to Install

Click on install

Sucessfull Installation

If everything was successful you should see this screen.

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