My old car – your MS SQL 2005 Server

MyHOndaI am the proud owner of a Night Hawk Black Pearl – Honda Accord EX  Coupe – V6 – Manual Transmission. This is the best car I ever had, a piece of excellent machinery,  smooth to ride, great pick up and handling of the road, fun to ride the highway with the windows down and the sun roof opened down.  Thanks to my friend Peter- car shopper extraordinaire –  I  purchased it at a steal.

Every year, new shinny Honda Accord models come out, all slick and trendy looking, and I still do not see why should I change my awesome car. New cars have fancy Bluetooth connections to the audio systems, built-in GPS systems and other marvelous things that I don’t need to get me from point A to point B.

There are three reasons that will make me consider changing my car … Read more here.

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